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Welcome to Chatham Roofing & Cladding! With over 30 years of experience in industrial roofing, we are your trusted partner for all your roofing and cladding needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality service, expertise, and tailored solutions to ensure the protection and longevity of your industrial property. From installation to maintenance and repairs, we are committed to delivering reliable and timely execution. Trust us to safeguard your property from the elements and exceed your expectations.

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Our Specialization

We specialise in Industrial roofing and cladding construction as well as repairs.


Industrial Cladding.

General repairs

General roofing or cladding repairs.

Factory Maintenance

Factory maintenance is another area where we excel. Contact us for professional and tailored solutions.

Industrial roofing

Industrial roof work.

Leak repairs

Identify and repair leaks on industrial property.

And more!

If you have any other projects that will benefit from our expertise, please get in touch!

Our Recent Projects

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