Overskinning services

At Chatham Roofing & Cladding, we are proud to offer our innovative over-skin system that revolutionizes building renovations. With our cutting-edge approach, we can transform the appearance and performance of your existing structures without the need for a full roof strip and replacement. Our system provides a cost-effective and efficient solution, minimizing disruption while delivering exceptional results. From increasing thermal efficiency to encapsulating asbestos and creating a brand new look, our over-skin system offers a wide range of benefits for your building. Explore the possibilities below and discover how we can help you achieve your desired outcomes with our expertise and advanced technology.

What We Offer

Experience the benefits of our innovative over-skin system, designed to minimize disruption while providing exceptional results for your building. With the use of various depth ‘ZED’ bars, we can achieve your desired U Value and add insulation to your roof or sides. There are numerous advantages to choosing our over-skin system, including:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Avoid the expenses associated with a full roof strip and replacement, saving both time and money.

  2. Enhanced Thermal Performance: Increase the thermal U value of your building, ensuring improved energy efficiency and comfort.

  3. Condensation Prevention: Eliminate condensation issues commonly found in single skin roofs, improving the overall environment.

  4. Asbestos Encapsulation: Safely encapsulate asbestos, avoiding costly removal procedures and providing a protective layer.

  5. Aesthetically Pleasing: Transform unsightly buildings by giving them a fresh appearance, enhancing their overall aesthetics.

  6. Waterproofing Solution: Solve the problem of old leaking roofs by creating a durable and watertight seal.

  7. Customizable Options: Express your company’s identity by incorporating your brand colors and selecting from a wide range of styles and colors for flashings.

Our over-skin system is versatile, capable of covering various surfaces such as corroding brickwork, old rendering, asbestos cladding, decaying metal cladding, and timber panelled cabins, among others. We are dedicated to not only providing a watertight seal but also creating a new and captivating look for your business. Trust Chatham Roofing & Cladding to deliver outstanding results that meet your specific needs.

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