Roof Light Replacement

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Roof Light Replacement Service

Welcome to our Roof Light Replacement page, where we bring a new light to your factory floor. Our GRP lights, manufactured from transparent glass fibers, effectively diffuse and spread sunlight while minimizing shadowing within the building below. Rooflights provide cost-effective and free lighting within workshops, factories, or warehouse shop floors. With a variety of options available, from single skin GRP lights on standard roofs to ‘step safe’ or ‘walk safe’ lights for increased access requirements, such as maintenance access to air-con units or ducting clearing. Over time, old rooflights can deteriorate, discolor, and block out natural light, becoming brittle and prone to leaks. At Chatham Roofing & Cladding (Yorkshire) Ltd, we can accommodate your needs, whether it’s a single light replacement or a full building upgrade. Rest assured, the rooflights can be changed from above using relevant fall protection systems, causing minimal disruption to the area below. Take advantage of this natural resource, and let us brighten up your day with our efficient roof light replacement services. Call us for a site survey and a free, no-obligation quote.


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